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Streamline online registration and ticketing effortlessly with our user-friendly platform

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Build Elegant, Branded Event Registration Webpages

  • Design fully branded, mobile-ready event websites effortlessly with webMobi's event registration platform.

  • Suitable for in-person, virtual, and hybrid events. Efficiently manage room blocks, multiple locations, and volume discounts.

  • Enjoy flexible forms and seamless payment processing. Fully integrated with WebMobi's Event Management Platform.

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Streamline your communication with automated email campaigns

  • Customized Email Communication:Easily send customized email invites, confirmation emails, and waiting list updates with webMobi's event registration system.

  • Automated Registration Emails: Automate emails for every step of the registration process, ensuring timely and efficient communication.

  • Custom Email Campaigns: Create custom email campaigns with advanced filters and scheduling options for targeted messaging.

  • Personalized Sender Addresses: Personalize sender email addresses to enhance the authenticity of your communications.

  • Convenient Additions:Include 'Add to Calendar' links and facilitate document sharing seamlessly


Adjust the complexity of your forms, making them as simple or intricate as necessary

  • Custom Forms, Any Event Type:Create custom registration forms for in-person, virtual, and hybrid events.

  • Edit Easily, Unlimited Fields: Enjoy editable forms with unlimited fields, drop-down menus, and multiple-choice options.

  • Smart Conditional Fields: Display fields based on responses for precise and relevant information.

  • Diverse Event and Session Views: Choose from list, table, and calendar views for events and sessions.

  • Effortless Multi-Ticket Management: Seamlessly handle multi-ticket options and consecutive registrations.

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Streamline payment processing with ease

  • Effortless Payment Processing:Simplify payment processing and ticketing with WebMobi's event registration system.

  • Discount Options: Offer discounts as a percentage or currency amount for added flexibility.

  • Integration with Payment Gateway: Connect seamlessly to your preferred payment gateway for efficient transactions.

  • Versatile Payment Collection:Collect payments via any credit card or set up invoices for wire transfers as needed.

  • Tax Customization: Customize tax rates based on your specific requirements.

  • Automated Registration Management:Set automated registration close dates and times for enhanced control.

  • Financial Documents and Reports: Generate comprehensive financial documents and reports effortlessly


Gain comprehensive insights into registration and ticketing metrics

  • Instant Access to Registration Data: Gain immediate access to your online event registration data for quick insights.

  • Attendee Details:Monitor registrant types and statuses for effective event management.

  • Session-Specific Insights: Track the number of registrants per session to tailor your event experience.

  • Registration Demographics:Identify the device used for registration and the country/region of origin.

  • Capacity Management:Stay informed about event and session capacities to ensure optimal planning.

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Full Customer Support

The webMOBI support team is readily available to assist anyone needing help planning an event. We will offer full support and also work to upload all the data to your app. If you don't have the time to manage the app, we will do it for you. You also get an on-site support specialist, globally.

Your data security is our highest priority

The webMOBI platform can only be accessed using 256-bit SSL and our secure API can only be accessed by using user credentials or a user-revocable token. Hosted on protected AWS infrastructure, all your data is backed up and recoverable.

webMOBI Benefits


Improved Event Flow

Reduce wait times and streamline entry.


Valuable Insights

Gain insights into attendee behavior and session popularity.


Professional Experience:

Create a paperless and efficient event.

What Our customers Say

We had a lot of more participants in our events, better reach to our audience and receiving direct feedback through App survey section from our audience. Overall changed our event management experience a lot.

Ali Aminian
IT & Finance Manager, NSW Australia

whats an app that doesnt engage? And whats an Event app that doesnt engage? Nothing really. That's what makes WebMobi different. The app is a smooth entry for enterprises to build engagement base, network and nurture client base, enhance brand recall, ease connectivity both during and post-event. Customer support is personalized and courteous. I love these guys!

Sridhar P.
Founder, Tonse Telecom

Easy-to-use, some neat functionality available, simple and clean, surveys for our breakout sessions, the agenda with speakers and their bios, being able to make updates in real-time, and live-polling was a nice feature that we used to show results in real-time.

Chris M.
Management Consultant, U.S. Small Business Administration

The WebMobi Event App was a great introduction to the event and supplemented the event footprint, improved visitor / delegate engagement and was a progressive step for the marketing degree within the event.

Sridhar T.

It was great experience interacting with the team at mEngage. They were very supportive and helpful.

Siraj Rehman

Several of our VP's up to our CMO were really impressed with the result. During the event, our webMOBI host app was accessed over 7,500 times in a day.

Peter Huboi
Marketing Manager at Polycom

This app allowed us to house a lot of great information about our conference in one tidy package. For IT users to use technology to get the information rather than wasting a bunch of paper really came in handy. We had fun with the event feed where people could compete on who posted the most pictures, had the most comments, and liked the most posts was a great time. Also, the live-polling, surveys, and their corresponding reports provided a lot of useful information.

Chris M.
Management Consultant

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