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webMOBI is a self-service engagement platform that allows you to create quickly, edit, and instantly publish engaging web apps and native mobile apps that are compatible with both iOS & Android Devices.

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Our Journey Through Innovation

From the launch of our app builder to the latest in lead generation and hybrid event features, explore Webmobi's path of continuous innovation and dedication to empowering event professionals.


Marking the beginning of our product journey in event tech, Webmobi launched the app builders, setting a new standard in event technology.


Expanding our capabilities, we released a full suite for in-person events, enhancing engagement and interaction at live events.


Adapting to global changes, Webmobi introduced a comprehensive virtual events suite, allowing seamless online event experiences.


In 2023, we unveiled advanced features for lead generation and hybrid events, further empowering event organizers to create immersive experiences that blend the best of virtual and in-person interactions.

Our Vision

webMOBI is a new age AI-powered all-in-one engagement app platform, including Android and iOS mobile apps for events, enterprises, and universities. Our vision is that anyone can create engaging mobile and web apps in minutes that motivate audiences, connect people and accelerate revenue..

Our Mission

Our mission is to help organisations engage better with there employees, partners and customers. Our team is passionate about facilitating both easy & inexpensive mobile and web app creation to enable easy engagement amongst audience.

We are here to help

webMOBI offers excellent customer service with our service support teams available globally. Our commitment for support includes technical support, content and design teams constantly working with customer teams to enable exceptional end-user experience.

Event Management


Company Built by a Global Team of Innovators

At Webmobi, we're not just building event technology; we're crafting the future of how people connect, learn, and engage at gatherings, both virtual and physical. Our journey began with a simple vision: to revolutionize event experiences by leveraging cutting-edge technology. This vision was brought to life by our global team of innovators—talented engineers, creative designers, and visionary strategists from around the world, each bringing their unique perspectives and expertise.

Our commitment to innovation is reflected in every product we launch, from our intuitive app builder that set the stage in 2017 to our comprehensive suite for virtual and hybrid events that today leads the industry. At the heart of our success is a belief in the power of collaboration, diversity, and relentless innovation.

As we continue to push the boundaries of what's possible in event technology, our global team remains our greatest asset. United by a passion for creating meaningful connections, we're dedicated to providing solutions that not only meet the evolving needs of event professionals but also create more inclusive, engaging, and memorable experiences for attendees, no matter where they are in the world.

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What Our customers Say

We had a lot of more participants in our events, better reach to our audience and receiving direct feedback through App survey section from our audience. Overall changed our event management experience a lot.

Ali Aminian
IT & Finance Manager, NSW Australia

whats an app that doesnt engage? And whats an Event app that doesnt engage? Nothing really. That's what makes WebMobi different. The app is a smooth entry for enterprises to build engagement base, network and nurture client base, enhance brand recall, ease connectivity both during and post-event. Customer support is personalized and courteous. I love these guys!

Sridhar P.
Founder, Tonse Telecom

Easy-to-use, some neat functionality available, simple and clean, surveys for our breakout sessions, the agenda with speakers and their bios, being able to make updates in real-time, and live-polling was a nice feature that we used to show results in real-time.

Chris M.
Management Consultant, U.S. Small Business Administration

The WebMobi Event App was a great introduction to the event and supplemented the event footprint, improved visitor / delegate engagement and was a progressive step for the marketing degree within the event.

Sridhar T.

It was great experience interacting with the team at mEngage. They were very supportive and helpful.

Siraj Rehman

Several of our VP's up to our CMO were really impressed with the result. During the event, our webMOBI host app was accessed over 7,500 times in a day.

Peter Huboi
Marketing Manager at Polycom

This app allowed us to house a lot of great information about our conference in one tidy package. For IT users to use technology to get the information rather than wasting a bunch of paper really came in handy. We had fun with the event feed where people could compete on who posted the most pictures, had the most comments, and liked the most posts was a great time. Also, the live-polling, surveys, and their corresponding reports provided a lot of useful information.

Chris M.
Management Consultant
Event Management Made Simple

For businesses and organizations you can build communities and engage audiences with one easy-to-use mobile app platform.

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