Case Study

uHaps Case Study

With WebMobi client-side JavaScript framework WebMobi.js , retailers or publishers can rapidly go mobile and reuse most of the effort to create both HTML5 mobile sites or web apps and native apps for most platforms with common web code. 


Uhaps site before


Uhaps site after

The Problem

The Problem How do you reach your customer on their mobile device when there are so many device types out there? How do you make the mobile experience easy to view and easy to navigate? And when you serve many different customer locations with information stored in a database, how do you design a mobile

app that is just as easy-to-use as the full “desktop-designed” website you already have deployed? Can you improve the design? Make it so easy for the customer to “like on facebook” - that they just do it without a second thought?

The Solution


uHAPs found WebMobi. WebMobi is a cloud based mobile web application creation and publishing platform that allows for rapid creation and distribution of mobile web apps for smartphones and tablets. With WebMobi, uHAPS found the programming expertise and solution platform they needed to build an engaging mobile web experience from their existing javascript powered website. During the initial meeting, a couple of concerns were highlighted. First, uHAPS wanted to integrate as much existing web content as possible. Second, the new mobile web would have to automatically sync with their database. The Webmobi team kept the content from the existing website by editing CSS and Javascript for the mobile website. For uHAPS customers, that means no more frustrating left and right screen navigation to look at the content. Webmobi also added a drop-down menu to select locations instead of a U.S map. That allowed uHAPS to use more page 1 screen real estate to add social media buttons and promote the key feature that makes their events viral – viewing pictures from the events. The Webmobi platform now mirrors all the latest updates from the desktop web page to the mobile pages. All information is synced automatically with the backend database. Moreover, Webmobi optimized images, text, and the navigation style to make the mobile customer experience much easier to navigate and use.

About UHaps

uHAPS Media is a tactical marketing firm. uHAPS has been creating integrated marketing campaigns since 2008. uHAPS helps their clients reach their target audiences where they are - directly and locally. To effectively market custom events, there’s always a website and there are social channels like twitter and facebook. However, with rapid mobile device adoption, the customers they are trying to reach today are now looking at websites from their mobile device. To create an engaging experience on a mobile device, uHAPS wanted to leverage the graphic designs and clear web navigation they already had in place on their website. uHAPS simply wanted to translate the nicely designed “desktop web experience” into an easy-to-use and equally attractive mobile experience. No marketing firm or design agency wants to hire or find new talent capable of designing or redesigning web pages for all the mobile device types out there – iPhones, iPads, Android phones and tablets, Blackberry – the list goes on and on. uHAPS went looking for a solution. What tool or SaaS could help them solve the “mobile experience problem” without a lot of cost or effort? Was there a team behind the tool or service that could understand their existing javascript code and database and help translate their existing website to a well designed mobile web experience?

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