How is WebMobi Events Solution Different from Other Event App Solutions?

How is WebMobi Events Solution Different from Other Event App Solutions?

In recent times, a dynamic and wholesome experience has become the rightful prerogative of every organizer in the event management industry. Enterprise, web designers, app developers and even service providers are all significant stakeholders in the said market. Leading reviews  regarding the quality in usage of various mobile applications designed specifically for user friendliness and convenience generally suggest dissatisfaction. The main reason could be attributed to the fact that optimisation of these very apps for various mobile platforms is unavailable.

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Optimize your App across platforms

Untitled-3With WebMobi, a connoisseur in enterprise mobility solutions, you can design, deploy and host with your own branded mobile app for your business and link directly to your online portal or in-store outlet. WebMobi features sophistication in every way with regard to helping event management companies, planners and associations. WebMobi offerings span Android, iOS, Windows and every other mobile platform. This is something that WebMobi offers exclusively when compared to potential companies that offer to be your meeting and event partner. As trivial as it may seem, cross-platform independence and working; is something that needs to looked after with clear prudence and WebMobi guarantees the highest level of optimisation for your cross-platform needs.

Simplified Customer Engagement Platform

Another feature by which WebMobi can be attributed to be the best is by the Push notification/messaging system; an integral part of the Customer Engagement Platform, that allows event planners to send flash messages and regular alerts in sync with the multiple location based services that are available. WebMobi’s platform can combine location data with other contextual information giving brands the opportunity to truly delight customers.  Instances could be wherein the clients, on reaching a particular floor can be greeted by their names and alerted with regard to the various stalls at that particular floor on-the-go. This platform can be used to talk to various customers; can prompt clients to take any specific action or just pass on the message. Now personalized marketing campaigns and promotions for target groups can be done in a jiffy. Thus, sailing through the need for a real-time location-based notification system, WebMobi offers pioneering applications using the location-based services for your events.

Saves Time through easy Process

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WebMobi offers the facility to create and organize multiple events in a single app. Now, this prominent feature can offer amazing potential with regard to the system organisation and control. In addition to planning for future events, WebMobi allows you to reticulate development time, allowing planners to focus on other important events related tasks. WebMobi develops event mobile technology for multiple events faster than any other solution due to less preparation time required. It allows easy last minute changes and update.

Avoid Paper based Event Guides

Gaining excellence in internal collaboration can be of major help uncovering people’s potential, decreasing the various functional barriers and as a whole lead to an unhinged overall development of the productivity of the people. WebMobi plans to propagate just that through its various intra-organisational collaboration facilities. The various hard-copy entities such as brochures, event planners and such related documents can all be eliminated in a high profile manner to an extent that the WebMobi event app can be the ultimate reference provider. In the general sense, customers have never really been prudent fans of carrying documents around. WebMobi offers a crucial systems approach that facilitates the integration of people, processes and technology. This facility can be a precursor to embarking on external collaboration.

Eliminates the technicality for building an App

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The WebMobi portal gives genial chances to every event planner with less or no technical background. The hassle of coding is completely eliminated. It’s possible for a marketing team to build an app, without the help of a technical team, whatsoever. Mock ups can be built in less than an hour without any technical know-how. Instant access to the application and event information is a fix. Given any event, clients can access event information quickly. Navigation of event venue can be done easily. Key contacts network can be built fast and efficiently.

It doesn’t stop here. WebMobi, with its immense potential, can serve all your event management needs, in fact, even a lot more, to provide both the clients and the event organisers an enhancing and sublime experience.

WebMobi Events Solution for eTailing Expo

The Problem

eTailing India is a leading provider of latest news in online retail from India and the World. In order to acquire a larger customer base and provide a platform for online retailers to network and participate, eTailing India organizes World-class Expos across the country. But expos with more than 500 attendees pose a challenge to efficient communication & networking. There was a need for a virtual platform for all the attendees to come together to make communication easier. In this era, where the world runs on a Mobile, an event app would be the solution to this need. This was a task for the web team-and with the team’s schedules and projects, it would be days before it would be published. But this was not impossible. WebMobi’s pick and pack platform allows anyone from a marketing or content building team to build a mobile app.

Making it Happen


eTailing India approached WebMobi team to set up a demo and a trial to get the feel of the app and also to explore the various features of the app. They saw that optimizing the web content and creating the mobile app was pretty easy. One of the senior executives of eTailing India, from the operations team was given the task of creating the app. With zero knowledge of coding and no basic training in creating the app, she was able to come up with the ‘Mock up’ within a day. The mock ups were created without the involvement of the web team.

A graphic designer was added as a resource in order to create the required images with specified size for the tile display of the app. Once the mock ups were approved, it took them only a day to create the app and submit it on the app store. The app was made available on android and iOS platforms making it easier for diverse users to download the app. The organizers were of the opinion that the user dashboard was easy to navigate through and the content could be easily updated without much ado. The app was rich with features such as Venue details, Speaker Details, Agenda of the event, Exhibitors’ information, Sponsor advertising, Social Media integration etc. This app also incorporated high end features such as Rich Messaging and Push Messaging, which allowed the event organizers (eTailing India) to keep the attendees updated about the events and send them Real time alerts. The app could also incorporate the survey module, which would help one get the feedback from attendees easily and store the responses in a database. This app also had the option of hosting multiple events. A single app could provide multiple events’ information to the attendees. There is no hassle of creating an app for each event. The platform also provided a user dashboard which showcases statistical data of the app usage. This enables the back-end user to analyze the data and target the attendees with event information in a smarter manner.

The Solution

WebMobi enables Event Organizers to improve the experience of attendees and to increase sponsorship platform. WebMobi offers rapid mobile app creation. This app encourages participants to take part in constructive activities like meeting new people, answering questionnaires, troubleshooting, and visit exhibitors’ stands etc.


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Attendees having access to event information is essential. Access to event information is crucial for them in order to network with other attendees. An event app completes the picture. It is a vital part of the process. Thus by bringing all the attendees on a single platform, all their requirements are tended to without much hassle. By making the application available on all devices such as smartphone, tablet or a laptop, the best experience of the event is provided to the attendees.


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Client Spotlight – Webmobi events solution for Polycom

The Problem

Innovative ideas often seem out of reach. Mobile optimized website or app? That would a project for the web team – and with their project schedule and lead time — you’d have to be crazy to even suggest building an event schedule app for TEAM Polycom without the web teams involvement — and have a QR code published in the event guide in just a few days. Crazy idea? Not really. Not when there is a platform like WebMobi that makes it easy enough for someone in the marketing department to build a mobile app.

From Idea To App – The Easy Way

Every company has people that check out and try new programs and tools after reading the latest technology news. “WebMobi was easy to try out with a free account.” said Peter Huboi, an Alliance Partner Marketing Manager at Polycom. “ One night I tried out a few of the features and saw that optimizing web content for mobile web pages and making a mobile app was pretty easy to do. It isn’t any harder to create a custom page in WebMobi than it is writing a blog post with a WYSIWYG blog editor. I modeled up a couple of pages of an event schedule over my lunch hour after remembering that, at last year’s event, many of the attendees were asking when and where the next session was because they left the published event guide in their hotel room. I knew that we could build a simple schedule app and not need to pull in web team resources to get the job done”.


Mobile App “Mockup” Built During Lunch Hour



A few screen shots in an email was all it took to get the go ahead. The marketing director wanted a little more “branding” than a bare-bones schedule app and added a Photoshop expert from the creative team. The social media marketing manager got the QR code for the event guide and said that adding the twitter feed would be nice to have during the event.


“I like using applications that are intuitive enough to learn without having to crack open a manual or look up features in help” said Peter. “We had 3 events going on in three different meeting spaces. I was looking for a way to create 3 columns that could be viewed in an iPhone sized screen. I saw this icon with a ‘W’ and when I moused-over it. It said ‘import form Word’. I put my 3 columns in a Microsoft Word table and, sure enough, it imported just fine.” Adding the TEAM Polycom event logo and hotel maps for the event really made the finished product look nice. Once the web page loaded from the QR code, the WebMobi platform allowed creating a custom icon for bookmarking the page like an app. Peter added “I saw some features like a window for adding javascript code that would be useful to any web team trying do more complicated mobile apps. But we had no need for anything like that. We built our app with the WYSIWYG page editor and pre-built page templates.”


Final Mobile App Screenshots with Branding

The Solution

The WebMobi SaaS platform has the features and programming interfaces you need to solve both simple and more complicated mobile content challenges. Enterprises, web designers, app developers, and even service providers can utilize the power of the WebMobi platform to build the mobile-optimized web experience or mobile app that today’s customers are demanding.



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WebMobi survey and feedback form app

Republishing the blog post by Box

One of our goals at Box is to make your information as mobile as your are – that’s why our team is always hard at work to make sure our mobile apps do everything you need. Still, there are times when you want your own mobile app with custom features. Luckily, a new service called WebMobi now allows anyone to create mobile applications that are integrated with Box.

WebMobi is a cloud-based platform that lets you easily create your own mobile web app by dragging and dropping components in an easy-to-use visual interface. The best part? There are absolutely no programming skills required – using WebMobi, you can quickly and easily create a custom application that provides information to either your customers or your employees. There are pre-built components that allow you to add video, polls, calendars, and more, and the application interface is easily customizable.

One of the most useful components is the web form. In a matter of minutes, you can create a form to collect information from customers or to gather updates from your employees. And since WebMobi is integrated with Box, any data a user enters in a form is automatically added to a spreadsheet in your Box account. Of course, that means the data is instantly available to anyone collaborating on that folder, too.

Another advantage of WebMobi is that because it is used to create mobile web apps, any changes you make can be instantly made live, without having to go through any app store approval process. That feature, combined with the fact that WebMobi saves you the enormous expense of custom application development, allows you be flexible and iterate quickly – the true startup way.