Striking impact through networking at business events

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Many attend hundreds of business networking events every year. Each face in the occupied seats may seem unfamiliar to you but if wish to generate business with the network, you have to get familiarized with the facts and techniques to grab the opportunity at the business events. Networking events can be great opportunities for developing […]

Referral Marketing can show a Hike in the Attendee Headcount for your Upcoming Event

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Have you ever wanted people to keep talking about your event or your organization? And if they’re doing so, do you want to know what they are actually talking about your event? Is it appreciation or criticism? Through referral marketing you can not only get your attendees to promote your event among their family, peers […]

Panorama’s turn into 360° Photos- Facebook’s Virtual Reality Images

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The very reason why most panoramic pictures are losing its stand these days is because it lies as a stretched strip of paper when uploaded on your Facebook wall. Instagram too chops down the image into squares, removing the purpose of panoramas. Facebook’s upcoming ‘360° Photo’ plans to convert the usual panorama photos taken using […]

7 Event Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

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We have seen plenty of event marketing strategies that act as an impetus for event organizers to go about propagating the event using those techniques. Albeit the strategies discussed enables one to understand the tricks of the game it does not give assurance to circumvent the probable errors that may intervene during its implementation phase. […]

buzz marketing

Stealth marketing can promote your event to people without them even realizing it!

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We’ve all been overloaded with inordinate advertisements everyday through innumerable media including television, emails, radio, text messages, phone calls, newspapers, books etc.  Stealth marketing or Under cover marketing or Buzz marketing is a technique where the customers will not know that they are being marketed to a product/ service. Though many people consider stealth marketing […]


Content Writing for Event Marketing- Edify Potential Attendees about your Event!

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Content marketing may be defined as creating and sharing valuable free content to attract and convert prospects into attendees, and attendees into repeat or loyal attendees. The type of content you share is closely related to what you sell and how you sell; in other words, you’re educating people so that they know, like, and […]

risk management for events

Risk management factors for major events

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Running a successful event not only depends on drafting a plan, executing and monitoring, risk management  is an important aspect which event organizers should consider before planning an event. If you’re responsible for planning a conference or corporate meeting, consider these risk management factors to run a successful event: Location and venue It is no […]