How Proximity Marketing can drive Retail sales in India

This article touches upon Proximity Marketing using “Beacon Technology”

Proximity Marketing

India ‘s retail market ,currently pegged at $600 billion is expected to almost double by 2020 .Key drivers for this growth are rapid urbanization , income expansion and increased consumerism .Organized retail is expected to triple to $180 billion and ecommerce quadruple to a $60 billion market. The statistics mentioned above have been listed to highlight the outlook for India’s retail market – the fact that it is poised for aggressive growth. Supermarkets , hypermarkets , ecommerce and  unorganized retail are all set to compete against each other in this growth story .While marketers will look at the conventional 4Ps- “Product , Price , Promotion , Placement” , an additional P with “Proximity” could be a game changer for retailers.

Proximity of the product with respect to the customer is used as a base for a greenfield concept called “Location Based Marketing”. Retailers with the help of “Beacons” can push pertinent content to customer’s smartphone based on his/her location in the store.The scope of how beacons can beused  is quiet a handful .Before we jump into the  details here is a lowdown on what beacon devices are and how they interact with applications built in smartphones.

Beacon Technology

Beacons are devices that use blue tooth low energy (BLE) to transmit signals to smartphones and tablets in a short range (70 metres).The signals emitted by beacons are radio waves, hence there are not limited by physical barriers like walls and doors. The beacon signal awakens applications on beacon ready devices. The application references a CRM database /analytics platform looks at the customer profile and generates customized content.

The customized content is sent as a push notification to the client who has “opted –in” to receive such notifications in the retailer’s application .The content could range from promotional coupon code, product information, discounts and reward points.

Use Cases in Retail

Consider these scenarios mentioned below and discover how beacons can help increase “in-store”customer engagement and provide insights to drive sales.

  1. Customers are outside a store and gazing at the mannequins/billboards placed in the doorway. While they are contemplating entering the store, the beacon in the mannequin/billboard pushes notification about the product on display piquing interest in the customers. Promotional coupon code tothe customer is also sent. Customer is prodded to enter the store basis the “proximity” marketing efforts of the retailer.
  2. Inside the store, customers move across departments and product categories. Beacons installed department /category wise can help feed data for instore analytics. Data collation can be made towards the departments visited. Subsequent conclusions can be drawn to verify if sales in any category was up/down ,whether a new product display worked and if a particular department was too crowded leading to improvements in store layout.
  3. Based on the past buying behavior and after identifying a frequent customer, lucrative discounts can be pushed. This can help increase brand loyalty, increase sales andhelp customer retention in the face of tough competition.
  4. Post a purchase, customers loyalty program can be managed via the beacon. Customers can provide feedback via the app. Customers’ reward points and redemption offer can be sent as a notification.
  5. Thanking the customer for a purchase, coupon codes for future purchase or one they can share with friends can be sent. This will again be an attempt to drive sales.


While use cases have been discussed, there are a few questions that might crop up with when it comes to implementation.

  • Arudimentary question couldbe, why should a customer “Opt In “to receive the messages Are there security concerns of allowing a retailer access movement in the store?
  • The answer to this question is anaffirmative no. The very fact that customers visit the same retailer regularly is enough proof that there is brand loyalty.Further the retailer has access to customer spend and SKU wise buying behavior through the membership card in which reward points are accrued .Opting in to receive beacon messages via the app is only an extension of allowing the trusted retailer to send the customer customized promotional offers.

2) What would be the cost incurred?

  • With stiff competition from the online e tailers, brick and mortar retailers are looking for ways to share offers /promotions with clients. Currently retailers incur cost of issuing a pamphlet to list their offers .Other option would be to advertise through hoardings /bill board .Investing in abeacon that can send promotional content as push notification seems like an effective alternative .It is low cost($5) and has a battery life of 2-3 years .It could help maximize advertising /marketing spends.

3)How would the experience be considering data speeds?

  • The 2G mobile Internet usage in India grew by 41 per cent in 2014, as per Nokia Network’s MBit Index study.3G usage was also up by 114 per cent at end of 2014, compared to 2013,”An average 3G subscriber in India consumed three times more data than a 2G subscriber. This shows that with increase inspeed, usersbuoyed with the experience consumed more data. With 4G coming up and Reliance Jio in the offing, dataspeeds would increase exponentially. With increase in data speed, experience would be hassle free for the end user.

5)Have Beacons been installed in retaileralready? Are they seeing benefits?

Beacons have been implemented by a plethora of clients. Apple, Macy’s,P&G,Coca Cola .Kraft,Levi’s, House of Fraser are all clients wherein beacons have been successfully implemented and where retailers are reaping benefits. As per a study conducted by Swirl,73% of shoppers mentioned that beacon triggered messages would increase the likelihood of purchase 61% said the messages would prompt them to visit the store more often .According to a Business Insider Report, the total addressable sales using beacon triggered message is 6% in 2015.It is expected to rise to 20% in 2016.In store sales using beacon triggered messages is $4.1 billion in 2015.It is expected to rise to $44.4 by 2016.

Our Recommendation

Beacon Technology’s potential is untapped in India .Retailers should look at adopting this technology to get an early mover advantage and increase patronage before competition catches on. After all India is slated  to become the second largest smartphone market in the world by 2017.With 4G services being offered on rates in par with 3G  ,users are sure to lap  up data services in smartphones as well. This makes smartphones an “omnipotent” tool to communicate with customers.Our recommendation would be-do not lose out in this race! Start today!

Opportunities Event Managers Need to Capitalize on To Host Record Breaking Events

So yet again it’s the season of events. Companies from all corners want to showcase their products and services. They expect nothing but the best from your event management firm. “best” in this case includes an audience in breath-taking numbers and other value added services you provide them. Fortunately, both these aspects are related to each other. So to speak, it’s two birds with one stone. Here’s a compiled list of the most relevant opportunities you need to capitalize on to provide the best of services to your clients:

Focus on experience rather than the basics

Where the competition is tough, innovation is key for survival. Agreed, the ultimate motive is to sell the product, but what leads your audience to come back for more is the experience they’ve had. So apart from just providing a booth and a stall with air conditioning, concentrating on providing a holistic experience should be at the center of focus. Nowadays event managers using various technologies has become synonymous with innovating. Be it beacon technology or an integrated mobile app, using appropriate technology does ensure an awesome overall experience.

In a time where the Indian consumer is not going to settle down for anything less than the most enjoyable experience, it’s imperative to take every possible step to ensure that the best gets the best.

Investing in better reception

As discussed in the previous point, generating an ultimate experience is crucial to staying number one in the business. One such way to ensure a better user experience is investing your resources in using a mobile app. A mobile app provides a platform for you to understand your audience and give them what they need. Take webMOBI’s mEngage platform for example, a few simple clicks and you have your very own customized mobile application to cater to your customers’ needs. Part of it also allows you to analyse audience generated data and literally enables you to peek into the minds of your audience to give them what they need and desire.

Pre event marketing

When an event is on your head and you’re short on resources, how does one reach the multitude of people they wish to attract to their event. Digital marketing is the apt solution for such a situation. It’s less time consuming, less resource hungry and requires only a basic understanding of how to work around the internet. Relevant and attractive data is, however, a basic requirement to execute this task successfully. Correctly executed this could cause a favourable effect, incorrectly executed and you still have nothing to lose.

Victory at hand or is it?

Unfortunately, the only way to understand if your event was a success or not is to have a feedback form ready. Now before you think about handing out papers to your audience and asking them to take some time out to fill out the form, understand that paper usage is outdated. In a time, rich with technology it is always best to harness the power of technology to do your bidding. Again here mobile apps could be of much use. Through the mobile app you could ask people questions about their experience periodically. The other way to measure your success is to calculate the change in the number of people in your next event as compared to your previous one, subject to direct comparability between both events.

Media coverage

Make sure to click pictures, take videos and capture in-event happenings on digital media only to upload them on your social networks to give the viewers a live sort of experience about what’s actually happening inside your event. It’s possible that viewers at home after watching the splendour of the inside story, may attend at the last moment. Either ways, it’s win-win situation for everyone.

Effective B2B marketing with webMOBI Collateral App

Relevance is a concept that plays hard ball every time you try to hit it out of the park. In spite of numerous efforts, being relevant to the constantly changing expectations of the audience; especially within the sales industry, has only resulted in a predicament of sorts.  Rendering a consistent ‘buyer focused message’ is only a matter of struggle. Since Sales are a very important part of any business, the sales representatives play an important role in a company. It’s imminent that they are equipped with the right sales enablement technology solution that can help them close deals in a germane fashion. Now, this is where, the webMOBI sales enablement collateral solution , can give you wings.

The webMOBI sales enablement collateral mobile app offers an impressive medium through which you can reach out to perspective customers with effective B2B marketing; in the form of the WebMobi Collateral App. The collateral that your sales representative carries is crucial for closing the right deal. Now, there are definitely numerous instances when there’s lack of collateral resulting in embarrassment and loss of revenue. This can mainly be attributed to the rampant usage of paper based collaterals. WebMobi’s Collateral App is a one-stop solution to this.       The sales collateral app is a mobile app that spans all OS Platforms such as iOS, Android, Blackberry, etc., elevating efficiency to new levels. This helps you increase engagement with prospects. The key features of this app include Real time engagement and Zoom-in on prospects making sales more productive and marketing more effective.

All files can be stored on a single device and accessed anywhere. With the option of distribution of the collateral in segments, the collateral app argues a very strong case in terms of its compactness. In addition to this, it supports all types of documents accompanied by online or offline access and video integration that enable more engaging sales conversations and letting you to close deals smartly.

Using the WebMobi app spend less time looking for the right content. Content can be shared in a personalized way: Integrated maps of viewers help to target sales, Collateral view summary provides an overview of the collateral traits, Most viewed collateral description features in helping the rapid build-up on your best existing collaterals. This can also help in understanding which pieces of content are most utilized and shared. The e-mail feature can be used to send mails with personal descriptions to specific representatives and to check on collateral updates. Easy distribution of materials and getting feedback from the field; thereby getting insights on what’s happening in the field, are important features of the WebMobi collateral app., that can’t be missed out on.

This application also features in pulling material from Twitter and can provide you with analytics as and when the company is being talked about, on the micro-blogging site. You can roll out permission-based content to any device. Making sure that every representative uses the latest marketing materials, there can be more productivity before, during and after a sales conversation. Not only this, you can also unify messaging and communication there by increasing Indirect Channel sales effectiveness.   The facts presented above, are just the tip of the iceberg. With regard to the immense potential that the WebMobi Collateral App holds, its features can be branded limitless.

WebMobi is based on that very concept. Close your deals in style using the WebMobi mobile collateral app and as apparent as it should appear, this is the very strategy that you need to hit the ball out of the park.

Develop in-house vs. platform ? A dynamic WebMobi solution.

A smarter interface for a smarter world. The creation of event applications have become an indispensable requirement for various companies and enterprises. Event apps, such as the ones that you can build using the WebMobi platform, provide convenience and satisfaction to all customers. Now, the very moment that an enterprise or SME epitomizes on an event to be held, a concurrent dilemma arises. To outsource this process of building the mobile app? Or to hire technically proficient and experienced people to work in-house and bring out the perfect product. Either of the options provide a paradox in itself. As both present themselves with a long trail of merits and demerits, the dilemma yearns for a pragmatic solution.

Well here’s an immense platform that offers just that! The WebMobi mobile app creation platform. Taking into account all the pertinent factors such as convenience, time, cost and most importantly, customers, WebMobi emphasizes on eliminating the very need to develop in-house or to outsource the process of making an event app. Offering cross-platform optimisations, simplified Customer Engagement Platform, easy processing and an unhinged freedom from the hassle of coding, anybody, even a person with the lack of technical know-how, can develop mobile apps instantly using WebMobi.

Developing an event app in-house; from scratch, could appear to be the sensible option, but there are a lot more intricacies in this regard. A mobile event app demands that it be developed as soon as possible. As it’s only then that the marketing can start. Using a platform guarantees that the app can be developed within the specified time (days), in fact faster. Now, since the whole presentation and content of the application is decided by the enterprise itself, total control is a fix. In a general sense, you can reap the benefits of an in-house app development indirectly, just by using the WebMobi platform, and also let go of any concerns of time constraints.

Device environments are never constant. Every 10 months a new smartphone-upgrade hits the market. Be it in-house or outsourcing, the time taken to build an app usually spans months and by the time the app for an event is launched and marketed, it becomes too late. New device capabilities, form-factors, OS Updates and various other quintessential elements are missed out on. Thereby resulting in the strong criticism of a novel idea; to create an event app. WebMobi enables you to work on that novel idea, and implement it in no time. Critics can only stay mum and marvel at the app built in such a small amount of time. All this, while having no in-house or outsourcing conflicts.

If there’s anything that globalisation and technology has inadvertently achieved, it is the widespread generation of new ideas regarding various ways by which an app can be created. Be it the CEO of a well established company or the guy working at the mail-room, nobody’s short of ideas. It’s highly important that your idea for an event app is implemented as soon as possible. WebMobi is a stark torch-bearer in the event app creation market where your ideas can take wings. If you don’t launch yours soon, someone else will as speed is the biggest distinguished feature.

Consumers interested in downloading various apps have a varied lack of attention. It is found that less than 22% of the users return back to the app after the first download, thereby making it very difficult to garner their mind space. The WebMobi platform can be used to ensure an enticing experience for every user while using your event app. The SaaS Platform grants you the option of subscribing to the WebMobi experience on a monthly or a yearly basis. WebMobi specialization includes engaging the user with a hook factor that can make your service sticky.

Apart from these distinguished features of the platform, the one that tops it all would be the flexibility of sending out push messages. Push notification feature provided by the WebMobi platform, allows you to send out notifications and reminders to the app users at your convenience. There is no need of the app developer or app maintenance to handle this for you. This give an edge to WebMobi’s app creation platform over the in-house production.

In umpteen ways such as the ones stated above, every limitation possessed by the in-house methods or the outsource saga, WebMobi hopes to inspire unprecedented ways in creating mobile event apps that exhibit the very high levels of standard that your company prides itself on. After all, every event is an opportunity to prove a company’s mettle, and WebMobi can guarantee nothing short of excellence.

iBeacon – Mobile Marketing with Real-time Messaging

The dawn of the year 2014, bore witness to the announcement and release of a pioneering technology along with the iOS7 operating system that caught the attention of tech geeks around the world, while invigorating the zest of retail marketers globally. This is surmised to be Apple’s response to the NFC. So what is the iBeacon?      According to Wikipedia, iBeacon is the trademark for an indoor proximity system that Apple Inc. calls “a new class of low-powered, low-cost transmitters that can notify nearby iOS 7 devices of their presence.” iBeacon is essentially a transmitter, the size of a coin or USB drive, using Low Energy Bluetooth (BLE) technology, precisely, via Proximity Sensing. It enables identification and payments, environmental sensing and indoor localization. Thus, in a real-world scenario, enterprises can set up transmitters which can tell nearby smartphones of their presence. Though it sounds trivial, but combined with right software, it opens various horizons.

As every iPhone and iPad can be used as an iBeacon, the number of devices that support this technology skyrockets to more than 250 million. Keeping this in mind, let’s dwell deeper into this innovative piece of technology. The transmitter of the iBeacon sends a message via Bluetooth when a device with an app that uses iBeacon is in proximity. The user receives a push notification on their screen. The receiver can be both an iOS7 and an Android 4.3 powered device.

It differentiates itself from its closest competitor, the NFC, mainly by virtue of the range it operates itself on. The NFC range is up to 20 cm (7.87inches) but the optimal range is less than 4 cm (1.57 inches) while the iBeacon’s range can span up to 50 meters.

Custom push notifications, is an innovative method to promote event sponsors with mobile marketing. On reaching their booth, push messages is received instantly. Location based services, wherein recognition of the floor you are on and direction of your potential customer to the desired floor is another efficient way to use the iBeacon and attract customers. Similarly, iBeacon’s could also be used to replace useless promotional USB sticks (or worse brochures) with much more targeted messages when attendees approach a promotional stand.

If the biggest problem that you face is that of people lining up in front of your stall waiting for you to attend to them or predominantly waiting to enter the venue, the iBeacon can be your savior. You could send a QR code once the attendee reaches the venue and simplify the check in. In addition to this, you could reward the attendees that access specific areas of your event venue. With iBeacon, retailers will be able to deliver highly targeted product and store information, guiding shoppers around their store, providing details and content – and, most importantly, delivering exclusive in-store offers and deals. The iBeacon is a novel way and also an amazing opportunity to garner real-time analytics for both crowd and flow management.

Another real-world situation can be: purchasing things nearly seamless. When iBeacon is able to identify what object you picked up and with the help of Touch ID you will be able to just leave the store with it. All the rest would be automatically billed and paid for. Online and offline scenarios usually create large gaps between themselves resulting in a stark failure of market strategies. Apps using iBeacon can close the gap between online and offline opening a great scenario of real-time marketing and analytics.

Now there definitely are many concerns relating to privacy and intrusion. But when compared to the numerous possibilities that the iBeacon offers, it tends to become negligible. Given this fact, the enormous push that the service is receiving is really worth the attention of every tech savvy event professional.

How is WebMobi Events Solution Different from Other Event App Solutions?

How is WebMobi Events Solution Different from Other Event App Solutions?

In recent times, a dynamic and wholesome experience has become the rightful prerogative of every organizer in the event management industry. Enterprise, web designers, app developers and even service providers are all significant stakeholders in the said market. Leading reviews  regarding the quality in usage of various mobile applications designed specifically for user friendliness and convenience generally suggest dissatisfaction. The main reason could be attributed to the fact that optimisation of these very apps for various mobile platforms is unavailable.


Optimize your App across platforms

With WebMobi, a connoisseur in enterprise mobility solutions, you can design, deploy and host with your own branded mobile app for your business and link directly to your online portal or in-store outlet. WebMobi features sophistication in every way with regard to helping event management companies, planners and associations. WebMobi offerings span Android, iOS, Windows and every other mobile platform. This is something that WebMobi offers exclusively when compared to potential companies that offer to be your meeting and event partner. As trivial as it may seem, cross-platform independence and working; is something that needs to looked after with clear prudence and WebMobi guarantees the highest level of optimisation for your cross-platform needs.

Simplified Customer Engagement Platform

Another feature by which WebMobi can be attributed to be the best is by the Push notification/messaging system; an integral part of the Customer Engagement Platform, that allows event planners to send flash messages and regular alerts in sync with the multiple location based services that are available. WebMobi’s platform can combine location data with other contextual information giving brands the opportunity to truly delight customers.  Instances could be wherein the clients, on reaching a particular floor can be greeted by their names and alerted with regard to the various stalls at that particular floor on-the-go. This platform can be used to talk to various customers; can prompt clients to take any specific action or just pass on the message. Now personalized marketing campaigns and promotions for target groups can be done in a jiffy. Thus, sailing through the need for a real-time location-based notification system, WebMobi offers pioneering applications using the location-based services for your events.

Saves Time through easy Process

WebMobi offers the facility to create and organize multiple events in a single app. Now, this prominent feature can offer amazing potential with regard to the system organisation and control. In addition to planning for future events, WebMobi allows you to reticulate development time, allowing planners to focus on other important events related tasks. WebMobi develops event mobile technology for multiple events faster than any other solution due to less preparation time required. It allows easy last minute changes and update.

Avoid Paper based Event Guides

Gaining excellence in internal collaboration can be of major help uncovering people’s potential, decreasing the various functional barriers and as a whole lead to an unhinged overall development of the productivity of the people. WebMobi plans to propagate just that through its various intra-organisational collaboration facilities. The various hard-copy entities such as brochures, event planners and such related documents can all be eliminated in a high profile manner to an extent that the WebMobi event app can be the ultimate reference provider. In the general sense, customers have never really been prudent fans of carrying documents around. WebMobi offers a crucial systems approach that facilitates the integration of people, processes and technology. This facility can be a precursor to embarking on external collaboration.

Eliminates the technicality for building an App

The WebMobi portal gives genial chances to every event planner with less or no technical background. The hassle of coding is completely eliminated. It’s possible for a marketing team to build an app, without the help of a technical team, whatsoever. Mock ups can be built in less than an hour without any technical know-how. Instant access to the application and event information is a fix. Given any event, clients can access event information quickly. Navigation of event venue can be done easily. Key contacts network can be built fast and efficiently.

It doesn’t stop here. WebMobi, with its immense potential, can serve all your event management needs, in fact, even a lot more, to provide both the clients and the event organisers an enhancing and sublime experience.

WebMobi Events Solution for eTailing Expo

The Problem

eTailing India is a leading provider of latest news in online retail from India and the World. In order to acquire a larger customer base and provide a platform for online retailers to network and participate, eTailing India organizes World-class Expos across the country. But expos with more than 500 attendees pose a challenge to efficient communication & networking. There was a need for a virtual platform for all the attendees to come together to make communication easier. In this era, where the world runs on a Mobile, an event app would be the solution to this need. This was a task for the web team-and with the team’s schedules and projects, it would be days before it would be published. But this was not impossible. WebMobi’s pick and pack platform allows anyone from a marketing or content building team to build a mobile app.

Making it Happen

eTailing India approached WebMobi team to set up a demo and a trial to get the feel of the app and also to explore the various features of the app. They saw that optimizing the web content and creating the mobile app was pretty easy. One of the senior executives of eTailing India, from the operations team was given the task of creating the app. With zero knowledge of coding and no basic training in creating the app, she was able to come up with the ‘Mock up’ within a day. The mock ups were created without the involvement of the web team.

A graphic designer was added as a resource in order to create the required images with specified size for the tile display of the app. Once the mock ups were approved, it took them only a day to create the app and submit it on the app store. The app was made available on android and iOS platforms making it easier for diverse users to download the app. The organizers were of the opinion that the user dashboard was easy to navigate through and the content could be easily updated without much ado. The app was rich with features such as Venue details, Speaker Details, Agenda of the event, Exhibitors’ information, Sponsor advertising, Social Media integration etc. This app also incorporated high end features such as Rich Messaging and Push Messaging, which allowed the event organizers (eTailing India) to keep the attendees updated about the events and send them Real time alerts. The app could also incorporate the survey module, which would help one get the feedback from attendees easily and store the responses in a database. This app also had the option of hosting multiple events. A single app could provide multiple events’ information to the attendees. There is no hassle of creating an app for each event. The platform also provided a user dashboard which showcases statistical data of the app usage. This enables the back-end user to analyze the data and target the attendees with event information in a smarter manner.

The Solution

WebMobi enables Event Organizers to improve the experience of attendees and to increase sponsorship platform. WebMobi offers rapid mobile app creation. This app encourages participants to take part in constructive activities like meeting new people, answering questionnaires, troubleshooting, and visit exhibitors’ stands etc.

Attendees having access to event information is essential. Access to event information is crucial for them in order to network with other attendees. An event app completes the picture. It is a vital part of the process. Thus by bringing all the attendees on a single platform, all their requirements are tended to without much hassle. By making the application available on all devices such as smartphone, tablet or a laptop, the best experience of the event is provided to the attendees.


For more details, visit

Webmobi Customer Enagement Mobile Apps for Retail Business

Being a large retailer brings you across a host of unwieldy situations all the time. These need to be handled carefully in order to ensure that the apple cart isn’t upset by the end of a busy day. Hundreds of stores, thousands of customers and lakhs of dealings can frazzle the most seasoned retail owner. The problem is aggravated when the business in question is one that promises instant services such as a fast food joint or quick service restaurant. In such cases, the demand is greater and the ability of the business is put to the test.

In order to meet such challenges head on, the more forward thinking businesses are looking to mobile solutions as a means to cater to the dynamic needs of the market. Starbucks for example made a few noteworthy moves regarding its payment options and is known to have begun the project way back in 2009. As pressure mounts in the market and with new solutions being pursued aggressively, it has become clear that the mobile platform is the way to go given its ubiquity and versatility.

The WebMobi platform is especially suited to the needs of the quick service industry. With a sharp focus on engagement and retention, our service allows you to harness the power of mobile to keep your customers hooked and to meet the logistical demands of routine transactions.

With respect to acquisition, the WebMobi dashboard is a tool that allows you to reach out to first time customers and interact with them using push notifications and simple messages which inform them about your company and the kind of services that are being offered. This is a wonderful means to convert the one-off customer into a regular.

With a large number of businesses sprouting up and clamoring for the attention of each customer, acquisition must be followed by engagement in order to ensure that a loyal user base is evolved. We address this issue using push notifications, which alert the user of the status of a purchase or a discounted product price, and location based marketing.

Location based marketing allows retailers to understand the position of a customer with respect to the store. This is a particularly important consideration to make in the case of the hospitality industry. Using geofences, messages and notifications can be tailored to address users who are at different proximities to the store. So while one user who lives outside a 5 mile radius of the store receives a notification regarding a new store that has come up closer to them, a customer near the store may get a message about a discount they could avail on dropping by within a certain time limit. In such a way, the platform leverages real-time data to make informed marketing decisions.

Talking about making informed decisions, the WebMobi platform also builds a detailed customer profile and analytics regarding customer behaviours. Using these, the retailer can run highly specific campaigns informed by the classifications made based on the analytics.

So say your newest customer- Sam, who happened to use the android app to view your restaurant menu, has just made an order. Using the push messaging facility, you let him know that the order has been confirmed and let him know the time in which it will be ready. Receiving this message, Sam gets in his car to make the commute to the restaurant. As soon as he is within a mile, you are alerted by the app. Sam walks in 10 minutes later and is immediately handed his order. As he is about to leave the store, he receives a message thanking him for the visit. A week later, you remind Sam of how he dropped by and also let him know that if he does so again within a week, a discount could be availed. Later, when he is on a plane out of the city, you wish him a safe journey and let him know that you eagerly await his return so that your business could be of service to him again.

Using WebMobi’s services, this kind of engagement becomes a reality, translating into the development of a loyal user base.